Luna Gale                              KCACTF Commendation for Excellence in Design Team

Region 6 Intivited Production

Director: Callie Hisek

Set Design: Bella Barnett

Light Design: Tana Roberson

These characters are real humans in everyday clothes. Nothing is new. The clothes have been washed, and are worn from use. Their dress reflects their personality and grounds them in reality.
Karlie and Lourdes show their rebellion in varying levels through their clothes. We see their perceptions of freedom of choice in the colors and textures. Peter follows Karlie at the beginning of the play, but slowly becomes more responsible and his clothing will reflect that change.
Peter dresses for those around him. When with Karlie he is more emo/hipster, but he knows to dress appropriately for work detassling or at AutoZone. Peter also tries to be more formal when meeting with Caroline, but this is formality within his budget.
Caroline is worn. She has been so immersed in her work that the functionality of her clothes wins over fashion daily. Her style is relatable to the young people she works with as well as the adults. Cliff struggles to be relatable as well as professional. He was taught that ties show responsibility, but knows that he should be relatable as well.
Cindy and Pastor Jay wear their faith. When Cindy is not in her uniform she looks like a conservative mom. She is comfortable in her clothes and they are all functional. Pastor Jay has soft edges, but with the air of authority and correctness. When he is at Cindy’s home he is more casual then when he is at Caroline’s office.